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"Aficianado my ass... I just love to smoke cigars" - James Woods

Our Humidor

At the SeaGar Loft, our members and friends matter most - but the humidor comes in a close second.  Our Spanish cedar lined humidor is every cigar enthusiast's dream. Fronted by glass, you can choose from over 200 premium boxes and hard to get boutique cigars. If there's a certain cigar you like that we don't have, please tell our knowledgeable staff and we'll be happy to carry it for you. Bringing in your own cigars is frowned upon and will make you subject to walking the plank.


Private lockers are also available with plenty of room for your favorite bottles and boxes of smokes.

Our staff will be happy to guide you through our fine selection matching your tastes and preferences to the perfect stick. We are proud to share a fine assortment of cigars with our members.

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