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Our Story


Six years ago, a group of guys were looking for a place to hang out and escape from the rigors of life, even if just for an hour or two. They heard rumor of a club on the water, a local place... easy to get to.  Joe Filanowski had created a place to enjoy the company of good friends, a great cigar and perhaps a fine drink. 


Folks began to visit the SeaGar Loft as the word spread, and many good times were had. More and more joined our private club and great friendships were forged. We looked forward to the next tasting or live entertainment event, hanging out on the patio for a cigar and sunset over the harbor, or to just "swing by" to catch up and see what was happening. We all found a warm place to meet up or hang out, celebrate or unwind, network or conduct business with folks that shared a zest for living while working hard for everything we have.


Since then, the SeaGar loft has become a well known club made up of members with different interests, careers and backgrounds, all sharing an appreciation of life, and savoring the welcome we get when we walk in to a place that feels like home. We've each found what we were looking for, whatever that happens to be for us.  This is what Joe Filanowski and Joe Sr built for us all to enjoy.

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